AQUAMAT™ advantages

No construction is required for the installation of AQUAMAT so there is no irreversible interference with the structure as is often necessary with mechanical and chemical damp-proof courses. There are no cracks or static problems. No noise, no dirt, no building site rubble.

A pleasant room climate is the result. In houses with moist walls, rooms are often clammy and cold. Dry houses become cosy with a pleasant room climate after commissioning the AQUAMAT

Lower heating costs. Experience shows that the heat insulation of dry building materials is substantially more efficient. This is proven in the long run by lower heating costs.

Mildew dies away. Mildew needs moisture. After dehumidifying brickwork, mildew dies away and can be removed mechanically without chemicals.

Musty odour disappears. The unpleasant musty odour is no longer noticeable after a short time already after the gentle dehumidification of the brickwork.

Inexpensive method. In comparison with traditional dehumidification methods. The operating current consumption of the AQUAMATwall drying system is only 4–12 watt per hour depending on the required type. Depending on the electricity rate, the costs are currently approx. CHF 8.00 to CHF 12.00 per year.

External ecological assessment for AQUAMAT by the company Ecopartner in St. Gall
With the ecological shortage method (UBP97), the life cycle assessment is clearly improved for the procedure of „wireless“ electro-osmosis (MURAG AG, AQUAMAT) as opposed to mechanical dehumidification by means of a damp-proof course“.